North Carolina Baptist Campus Ministry
Student Ministry Council


    The Student Ministry Council is responsible for planning and coordinating the college student program within the local church.


    A. The council should meet at least monthly, as called by the committee chairperson. The agenda for such meetings should be set by the chair as input from church and committee members is received. Minutes of each meeting should be filed with the church secretary.

    B. The council should be responsible for establishing objectives, setting goals and identifying action plans. The council should be responsible for adding events to the church calendar.

    C. The council should formulate and recommend policies and procedures for use of space and supplies allocated by the church for this ministry. Once church policies and procedures are adopted, they should be publicized to the general membership.< p> D. At the appropriate time, the council should submit to the church finance committee a written budget proposal. The council should maintain an inventory of furnishings, equipment, and supplies allocated by the church for its ministry with college students. In addition, the council should maintain a careful record of budget expenditures.

    E. The council should coordinate the use of facilities assigned to the student ministry. To coordinate the use of facilities, the council should have a record of all space needs. Use of other church facilities should be coordinated with leaders of church organizational programs.

    F. The council should be aware of nearby campus ministry programs and, when appropriate, coordinate activities.

    G. The council should be aware of association, state-wide, and national programs and resources for both leaders and students and encourage both to participate as needed.

Composition of Council and Term of Service

    A. There should be a representative from each of the church's programs (Sunday School, Discipleship Training, music, missions, etc.) and several at-large members. At least half the council should be college students.

    B. A church staff member should serve as ex officio member of this committee.

    C. Each council member should serve a two or three year term consistent with church policy.

Contributed by Joe Clontz, Former Student Ministry Consultant, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina