North Carolina Baptist Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry Team of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina seeks to fulfill the mission of the church by leading college students and others in the academic community to faith in Jesus Christ, guiding them in Christian growth and leadership, and connecting them to the life and mission of the church.

Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM) strives to lead students and others to faith in Jesus Christ.  We are student-led and Campus Minister directed.  We aspire to reach students with the Gospel of Christ, grow faithful Christians, and lead students to develop leadership skills while they experience community, mission, and ministry on college and university campuses throughout North Carolina.  All this is done to develop quality churchmen and churchwomen.

Our symbol is a star with five arrows pointing inward to Christ at the center.  These denote our Christian growth through worship, Bible study, life decisions, fellowship, and churchmanship.  Five arrows also point outward to the ends of the earth. We teach students to live and share their faith through verbal witness, missions, and ministry.  BCM works directly with the state convention and North Carolina Churches to connect students to the local church.

Baptist Campus Ministry is made possible by gifts from North Carolina Baptist Churches through the Cooperative Program and the local Baptist Association of churches.